Imagine being ill. Poorly and tired. So, so tired you can't do normal things. Friends and family rally round. A call to work, oh yes, they say, see you in a couple of days.

Everyone has been poorly. Has been tired. Has had to take a little time off work to recover. See the doctor, receive a diagnosis, perhaps be prescribed antibiotics.

Normal illness, normal treatment, normal recovery.

But imagine being so tired that no matter how much rest you take you are still completely exhausted. Just walking to the front door can be draining. Structuring a sentence is nigh-on impossible. You forget words, bump into things and muscles ache all the time. Reading is just a step too far as your capacity to digest information of more than one or two sentences is impossible.

“I'm tired,” you say to friends. ”Yes, I'm tired too,” say friends. “No, I'm really tired,” you say.

The word “tired” or even the word “exhausted” are simply not enough to convey the complete and utter nerve-ending rawness of the fatigue suffered by about a quarter of a million people in this country.

In fact there may be many more; they just haven't yet been diagnosed with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis); otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS) or Post Viral Syndrome (PVS).

And when they have been diagnosed, the nature of the illness is such that it can be very isolating and slices through people's confidence, social skills and even relationships. Finding like-minded people who also know what being “really tired” means; who understand the silence in the middle of a sentence when words are lost; who have the patience to wait for visits to be made; who appreciate that the simple effort of going shopping one day may result in being bed-bound for two more days; is a lifeline that cannot be underestimated.

A lifeline to help, support and advice that may just be one of the many umbilical cords back to some kind of normality, albeit a continuously monitored one.

That's what this website is all about. It is here to help the estimated 3,580 sufferers of M.E/C.F.S in South Sefton.

The South Sefton M.E.Support Group is run by sufferers for sufferers as a point of contact, information and support for people with ME of all ages and their families and carers. The group holds monthly meetings, invites speakers, but more importantly it wants to be there for those hundreds of people to whom feeling “really tired” is just the tip of an incredibly debilitating iceburg.

The Group also seeks to raise general awareness of ME /CFS and educate the general public through the promotion and dissemination of knowledge about the illness.

Please Note: (The South Sefton M.E/CFS Support group, does not advocate any particular approach and makes no claims for the treatments mentioned on the website or at meetings. We cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of trying any of the therapies discussed, so please - if you come across anything on this site that you find interesting, do a little research on it yourself and contact your doctor or health professional about it before taking any advice from this website.)